Requirements for registration of articles for Mizhnarodnyoho scientific and practical journal "Photobiology and Photomedicine"

To the Editor articles should be submitted on CD-ROM or via e-mail as separate files:
1) Article, decorated according to the requirements;
2) illustration (separate graphic files)
3) information about the authors (last name, first name, position, scientific degree, academic rank, place
operation; scientific achievements; number of published articles, patents and other .; email address;
Address for correspondence; contact numbers);
4) high quality portrait photos of the authors format 5 cm (height) x 4 cm (width) (see. Requirements for the photo). Pictures inserted in Word are not allowed!

Page Layout

Field on the page: top and bottom - 2 cm; left - 3 cm; right - 2 cm.
Interline spacing - single.
The typeface Times New Roman. Font size: 11 pt for text, 10 pt for tables

Text of the article is based on the block diagram:

2 Article Title
3 Names and initials of authors
4 Name of the organization of authors, address, phone, fax, e-mail address
5 Abstract in the original language
6 Keywords
7 The main text of the article
8 References
9 Abstracts in English and Ukrainian languages ​​(if the article is in Russian), together with transcriptions of the authors' names, job titles and transfer relevant keyword lists. Automatic translation of abstracts is not accepted.

Structural elements

Formulas and their constituent symbols are referred to in the text should be typed in the Formula Editor Math Type Equation. Each formula must be a separate entity, the font of all formulas uniform. Requires the numbering of the formulas - in parentheses on the right justification.
Illustrations (drawings, diagrams and charts, drawings) should be prepared using
graphic editors, and transferred to a graphic image file sizes not less than 60x60 mm. Graphs and drawings should be made in vector editor (* cdr). Photos must have a resolution of 300 dpi and JPG format or TIFF. Inserting pictures are not allowed in the file of the article directly from software programs (Excel, etc.), bypassing the graphic format.
All illustrations and tables should contain the name (for drawings - from the bottom to the tables -
above), they must be placed in the appropriate places in the text articles and be numbered consecutively.
Terminology and symbols of technical parameters should be used in accordance with the State Standard and units - in the International System of Units (SI).
Requirements for the presentation of the text of Article
The title should be concise, informative and display the contents of the article.
The abstract should have a volume - up to 10 lines. It is based on the type of essays in refereed journals and reflects the essence of the experiments, the main results and their interpretation. Abstract should not contain ballast words, introductory phrases and expressions uninformative.
"Introduction" section should contain a statement of the problem in general and its connection with important scientific and practical tasks; a brief analysis of recent research and publications, in which a solution of this problem, the selection of specific outstanding issues which the article, the wording of the purpose of work. In other words, the introduction should answer the questions: what is known in the art; that remains unknown; what is the aim of this work.

See "Methods" should contain information about the objects of research, experimental conditions
Comrade, analytical methods, instruments and reagents. In the same section provides information about the duplicate experiments, methods of statistical analysis of the results.
In the "Results" section should describe the identified effects. presentation of the results
should reflect the patterns that emerge from the data.
The object of this section "Discussion" is a synthesis and interpretation of the results, the analysis of Examples cause-and-effect relationships between the identified effects. The information should be compared with the available literature data and show its novelty. Discussion should be completed with answer to the question raised in the introduction.
References in the text should be submitted in square brackets in Arabic numerals. literature
tural sources should be placed in alphabetical order (first - in Cyrillic, then - laser
tinitsey). Bibliographic description is provided in accordance with applicable international
standard GOST 7.1-84, in the original language.
The following are examples of the description of bibliographic sources:
1) One author: Ніколенко В.Ю. Хвороби нервової системи в гірників і імунопатологія. – Донецьк: Донеччина, 1999. – 288 с.
2) Two or more: Корж А.А. Посттравматический остеомиелит – инфекционное осложнение открытых повреждений / А.А. Корж, Г .В. Бэц // Искусство лечения. – 2004. – № 8. – С. 56-59.
Каплан А.В. Гнойная травматология костей и суставов / А.В.Каплан, Н.Е. Махсон, В.М. Мельникова. – М.; К.: Медицина, 1985. – 384 с.
Ono W. Osteomyelitis / W.Ono, K.Saotome // Ryoikibetsu Shokogun Shirizu. – 1999. – Vol. 23, №1. – P. 599-602.
3) Five and more: Бідненко С.І. Мікробіологічний спектр збудників хронічного остеомієліту довгих кісток верхньої кінцівки та антибіотикотерапія захворювання / С.І. Бідненко, М.П. Грицай, Д.В. Івченко та ін. // Укр. мед. альманах. – 2002. – Т. 5, № 1. – С. 17-20.
3) Five or more authors: Bіdnenko S.І. Mіkrobіologіchny range zbudnikіv hronіchnogo
osteomієlіtu Dovga kіstok verhnoї kіntsіvki that antibіotikoterapіya zahvoryuvannya / S.І. Bіdnenko,
MP Gritsay, DV Іvchenko that іn. // Ukr. honey. almanac. - 2002 - T. 5, № 1. - S. 17-20.

Editorial preparation

The article, which goes to the editors, is recorded and sent to reviewers' approach
writes an article in print. If there is an article comments returned to authors for revision.
Revised by the editors should return with the reply to the comments.
The editors reserve the right to correct and reduce the manuscript, as well as return to the authors
work which does not fit the profile of the magazine and editorial requirements.